Tasty Hemp Oil 500mg

Tasty Hemp Oil



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Cannabinoids Per Bottle

  • CBD:667.8mg
  • THC:25.3mg
  • CBN:1.0mg
  • Total Cannabinoids:693.1mg

Cannabinoids Per Dose (2 ml)

  • CBD:21.66mg
  • THC:0.80mg
  • Total Cannabinoids:22.46mg

Ingredients: Hemp Oil (Aerial Parts), Grape Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cinnamon Extract, Vegetable Glycerin Emulsifier (Food Grade Alcohol)


Tasty Hemp Oil 500mg

CBD Product Review

Visual Inspection

The content of the bottle is very brown. After sucking up a full dropper and squirting it back into the bottle, there is a large amount of dark brown residue/impurities still stuck on the dropper. It looks like it could be cleaned up a bit. I do not want to try it.

Dose Amount

I ordered one 500mg bottle but received two 250mg bottles instead. This means I will need to take 2 full droppers to get one dose. That is a full gulp of oil. Not looking forward to it.


The flavor is “Cinnamon”. Unfortunately, there is something making it very sweet. The cinnamon plus the sweet makes it taste like apple pie, which I was not expecting. If it said “Apple Pie” as the flavor, I would not have ordered it.

Other Ingredients

So this “Hemp Oil” is mostly grape seed and sunflower oil. We prefer our hemp oil be made from hemp. Also, we marked them down for having “Vegetable Glycerin Emulsifier (Food Grade Alcohol).”

Discounts Available

No discounts available

Product Guarantee

No product guarantee



This product is priced very high for the quality with no guarantee.

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User Comments

  1. I am a chronic pain sufferer with horrible allergis including all nsaids..i take oxycontin and oxycodone and my pain management dr because of the new laws is lowering my doses dramitically and my problem is she is no longer managing my pain I am so frustrated and ive see aloyt of people with DDD spinal stenosis athritis and fibromyalgia are saying this oil works wonderful….if i tery and my urine comes up dirty i will be kicked out of Pain Management ..plase help..i also suffer from anxiety and depresson

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