Charlotte's Web 500mg

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Cannabinoids Per Bottle

  • CBD:571.5mg
  • THC:22.9mg
  • CBN:1.0mg
  • Total Cannabinoids:594.4mg

Cannabinoids Per Dose (1 ml)

  • CBD:19.20mg
  • THC:0.66mg
  • Total Cannabinoids:19.86mg

Ingredients: Hemp Extract, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Natural Flavors


Charlotte's Web 500mg

CBD Product Review


CW Botanicals has quickly become the face of CBD, thanks to one leading networks nation wide broadcast of not one or two, but a three part investigative report on medical marijuana. While being thrust into the spotlight was positive for their notoriety, the Stanly Brothers were caught short when they quickly sold out of what little product they had. Fortunately, they were able to scale their operation and availability has not been an issue.

Hemp Source

CW Botanicals grows their own hemp in the United States of America

Visual Inspection

The oil inside is a translucent amber color. There are slight flecks of impurities and it is not crystal clear but it’s pretty darn close. Looks great.


Tastes great! The addition of the mint and chocolate is just right. They didn’t sweeten it and they aren’t trying to over power you with it. It’s light and natural with no aftertaste.

Discounts Available

CW Botanicals has some of the better-priced products on the market but they do not offer any discounts. We would like to see them offer discounts for people that would like to buy 3, 6 or 12 months worth at a time.

Product Guarantee

While their products are guaranteed, it’s only for 7 days, and they charge a 10% restock fee. Not the best, but it is something.

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User Comments

  1. So excited about this product! I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.— have had it for at least 15 years. I pray this will be the answer I’ve been waiting for.
    God bless those who have worked so long on this!
    Linda Balcombe

    1. Hi Linda Balcombe,
      I would love to know how CW Hemp has helped you with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I have the same 2 conditions and would love to hear about your experience. Thank you.

  2. CW Botanicals (now CWHemp) offers free ground shipping on all orders. You should add back in those five points that you deducted. You know, for the sake of accuracy.

    Been using CW for a couple of months, and love it. It’s been life changing in the way that it allows me to better handle anxiety.

    1. We have ordered a few of their newer products and will revisit the scoring and overall assessment. We are glad you found a product that works for you!

      1. And what is the proper dosage for, say, anxiety or insomnia and appetite inducer?
        Linda and George, about how many mg’s per day?

        1. Everyone is different and it is recommended that you start with a lower dose and work your way up. Good luck!

        2. Did the vns for my daughters seizures. Took a year to work but 11 months later she had a seizure. Now wanting to use cbd oil but have been hesitant because I don’t know how much to use. Neuro Dr no help. Any info would be appreciated.

          1. You will need to do a little trial and error to figure out what is right for your daughters needs. This is never the answer people want to hear but it is true. Your daughter is unique, her condition is unique therefore, the amount of CBD she requires is unique. I suggest you try a 500mg 1oz bottle (like this one). Start with a 1/2 or even 1/4 dose, 1 to 3 times a day and work up from there. Good luck to you and your daughter. Please check back in and let us know what worked and what didn’t.

          2. This is a hemp CBD oil. It will NOT help with seizures. Shame on you for misleading desperate people by naming this Charlottes Web, the name of the marijuana strain that helped those with uncontrolled Epilepsy! You need CBD oil from marijuana, not hemp. And it’s still illegal in Indiana unless your seizures are not controlled.

          3. It depends on what you are looking for. CBD from hemp is real and it will help with seizures without getting you high. CBD form marijuana is real too! It will help with seizures and get you high. You can buy CBD from hemp online without a Medical Marijuana Card. You can only buy CBD oil from marijuana in a dispensary. I believe Charlotte’s Web is the name of the company and not the name of the hemp strain being used for this product. So yes, that part is misleading.

  3. I used this and did not notice any benefits from it whatsoever. The only way I have noticed relief from cbd is by vaping it ,smoking it or using a salve.

    1. Sorry to hear this product did not work for you. Were you able to return it for a refund? If not, try using it topically like a salve.

  4. If I purchase this (or any of these) products for my 17yo Trans son (who is on Testosterone therapy forever) and has bouts of anxiety & depression, is CBD something he has to take daily? Or only when he feels an episode coming on?

    Will it eventually alleviate his depression or if it works, is he going to need CBD forever?

    If he is taking CBD, can he get a job that drug tests without a problem?

    1. In my experience, depression/anxiety is a wave. It comes crashing down and sometimes if feels like it may never stop. But the waters always calm, revealing a clearer view of what’s ahead. Your son will weather the storm through acceptance and confidence. It won’t happen overnight and nothing lasts forever.

      There are one or two product on this site with 0 THC. You should have no problems with drug test if you stick with them.

      I hope your son can find some relief in CBD. Good luck to you both.

  5. If I buy 3 months worth of CBD for my synesthesia migraines, anxiety and PTSD, what would be the proper dose that I may be able to wean off some of my disability prescriptions that affect me as unfavorably as alcohol.

  6. Looking to find that high quality CBD oil. I suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression and have constant pain from my lumbar lordosis and inflammation on my left foot making difficulty to function.

    1. This is a great product and does contain THC. If you need a product with 0 THC take a look a Cannabitol from HempLand and Hemp & Olive from Green Gorilla. Those are the only 2 products testing at 0 THC (at the moment). Good luck!

    1. There are 30 doses in this bottle. But you may find you need more or less, meaning, you may only need a 1/2 or 1/4 dose, giving you 60 and 120 doses respectively. But wait! They suggest you take it 3 to 4 times a day!!! So at least (a full dose at 4 times a day) you have 7.5 days worth and at most (1/4 dose 1 time a day) you have 120 days worth. I suggest you start with the a 1/4 dose and work up from there. Good luck. Let us know what works for you and your needs.

  7. What would one recommend for some with digestive problems (stomach cramping and blunting) plus depression? Will this CBD oil work for these conditions? I noticed there are doses of 10ML, 50ML, and 100ML – Please advise

    1. We always recommend to start low and go up from there. A 10mg dose of CBD sounds like a perfect starting point for you, and the most cost effective. At most you may need a 20mg dose, but nothing more than that.

  8. Would this be helpful for my son on the Autism Spectrum? He suffers from anxiety, ADHD, and OCD. What dosing and company would you recommend and would you recommend starting with something with or without THC?

    1. This is a wonderful product and I do believe your son will find it to be very helpful. We recommend starting with a low dose and adjusting up or down as needed. For this product I suggest starting with a half dose. Give it a couple days or even a week before adjusting. The amount of THC in any of these products is so low that I do not believe it will have a negative effect on anyone.

  9. Will this product work on my Shingles pain? And if so how much should I take? Please help the pain is unbearable and I do not want to take the bad stuff my Dr. gave me.

  10. the price and no THC. For the price I’d rather have THC and smoke it. Just my personal feelings but seeing as I’m a quadriplegic on a ventilator I cannot smoke it, I have to eat it.

  11. My dad is loosing his eye sight to degeneration. Can you give me some advice to which bottle to buy and what dose to give him?

    1. Hey Jason! You can find a BUY link at the top of this page where you can make a purchase from the manufacturer. We do not sell any products here.

  12. Looking for a good CBD oil for my canine. She has terminal cancer and I want to make her days as pleasant as possible.

    1. You can find a link the company that sells this product, at the top of the page. Good luck to you and your son. I believe this product will be a tremendous help.

  13. I just retired from nursing after 40 years…my last day’s being in pain management., and OR. Many of those days, I worked in severe pain, the aftermath of a very bad car accident in my early 20’s. Fellow employee’s, , patient’s with chronic pain condition”s, as well as myself, are absolutely ecstatic over the new developments in CBD products!! FINALLY…an alternative to narcotics, NSAIDS, & other damaging drugs. I see this industry as, absolutely exploding in the near future, but….not unless companies can 100% guarantee, there is 0% THC in it! I know of no one who can afford the loss of their job, or the legal ramification’s to follow.. Can you answer these questions for me? Is it possible for person’s consuming CBD products, to feel 100% sure their drug test will be negative? Also, are the CBD products, with no THC, less effective in answering health problems? Thank you very much for your assistance, & GOOD LUCK in your companie’s very bright future!

    1. Out of the products we tested, Cannabitol from HempLand and Hemp and Olive from Green Gorilla were the only 2 to have no THC. Both are great products.

  14. Hi! So I’m 30 years old and after 8 years of being on depression medications and benzos about 6 months ago I finally was weaned off everything, but my anxiety and panic attacks only became worse. I have them daily sometimes multiple times a day, I have anxiety about literally anything and everything. With that being said a lot of friends kept telling me to try CBD that it gave them their life back. And my goodness do I miss living life. This morning I went to a local shop, and purchased my first CBD product the Charlotte’s Web Everyday Plus olive oil here in VA it was 74.99$ and after my purchase, I took my first tiny drops of the oil and within 30 minutes I had the most warm calming blanket wash over me, I also suffer from IBS D, and I’ve been in a flare up for about a week with abdominal pain and tenderness. I just took my 2nd dose and it’s 8pm. I took my first dose at 1130am today. Today is the first day in years I was able to go shopping and enjoy myself, not turn around and go home out of fear. I hope I will continue to see progress with the use of CBD. ❤️

  15. Hi – I suffer from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, along with some other autoimmune disorders. Is there any evidence this will help with RA? I would love to stop taking the biologic drugs I am on since they are very expensive, don’t work too well and have alot of side effects. Thank you in advance for your help!!

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