Cannabitol 500mg

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Cannabinoids Per Bottle

  • CBD:759.2mg
  • THC:0.1mg
  • CBN:1.0mg
  • Total Cannabinoids:759.2mg

Cannabinoids Per Dose (1 ml)

  • CBD:23.72mg
  • THC:0.00mg
  • Total Cannabinoids:23.72mg

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Oil Extract (Aerial Parts), Peppermint oil


Cannabitol 500mg

CBD Product Review


HempLand USA is a little known US based company with a strong list of desirable product-guarantees and discounts, available exclusively online.

Hemp Source

HempLand USA’s high CBD hemp is grown and processed in the United States of America. Their proprietary hemp plants contain virtually no THC.

Visual Inspection

Crystal clear amber colored oil. Beautiful.


Wow, tastes great! All the other peppermint flavored products we have tried have been unnaturally sweetened, YUCK. HempLand’s Cannabitol 500mg is made from hemp oil and peppermint oil only. It is light and clean with no aftertaste at all. Best so far.

Other Ingredients

This is the only hemp oil product made exclusively with HEMP OIL (plus peppermint for taste). HempLand USA uses a hemp seed oil base and adds in their high CBD concentrate made from USA grown hemp in Colorado.

Discounts Available

We believe HempLand USA’s products are priced fairly at face value. But unlike any other company, HempLand USA offers deep discounts when ordering 2, 4 or 6 bottles at a time. We are talking 40% off plus free shipping when you buy 6 bottles of Cannabitol 500mg. That’s $59.97 per bottle and only $0.10 per mg/CBD. That is the best value by far… almost too good. Well, we confirmed with HempLand USA, this is their regular pricing structure and will not change.

Product Guarantee

HempLand USA has the best product guarantee! They offer a 100% money back guarantee for 45 days.


HempLand USA’s Cannabitol 500mg is the best CBD value hands down, when taking advantage of HempLand USA’s 6-bottle discount.

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User Comments

  1. Hello

    As I see you have about few product of Hemp oil but you do not say which on is the most effective one

    Also would like to know why you do not start selling instead of getting donation? and if you are selling, how can somebody ordered

    Thank you

    1. We do not sell any products here. As you can see by the lab results we had commissioned by, all of the products on this site have well over the labeled amount of cannabinoids. That means it comes down to personal preference and price! We show you which products are the cheapest and which products taste the best (in our opinion). Now its up to you! We provide links to the companies that make all of these products. We are not an affiliate and we do not make any money if you buy any products. If you appreciate the time and effort we have put into our site and book, you may absolutely make a donation. 100% goes to informing, testing and reviewing. We are not here to make money! We are here to educate and inform any and everyone who will listen about the wonders of CBD Cannabidiol.

  2. I have multiple sclerosis, with multiple problems. i have problems with word finding and with sinus problems. I am in hopes that this will help me. I cannot wait to order!!!

  3. Hi I received the oil on May 11th and I can already see results. I have been putting it on my skin cancer. I also took pictures of the cancer. So I can share with others. I believe in it.

  4. Sorry, this isn’t a review but a question? My mother has advanced Parkinson’s Disease and has terrible nausea from the medications. I’ve just ordered this for her and hope it will help. I know it helps with chemo nausea so I’m hoping it will offer some relief. Anyone out there have any experience with this? Is there a website/forum where I could ask this question?

    I will be sure to post a review later. Thanks!

    1. I have been diagnosed with Parkinsson’s several years ago. They put me on the standard medication l-dopa. It caused nausea and also caused me to fall out. My studies indicated it is very harmful stuff. I’ve been using 250 mg of CBD and now 500 mg. It feels like i am getting more steady, less shaking. I put a dropper under my tongue and hold it for 90 seconds. It takes awhile but it is working. Ii have only been on 500 mg for a few days. I’ll report back later. The oil looks very pure.

  5. I just received my order of hemp oil I have chronic pain from breaking my back 20 years ago have tried everything from pain pills two surgeries to therapy to shots you name it I’ve tried it I’m going to try this hemp oil 500 milligrams and I will get back to you and let you know if my pain has diminished cross my fingers my name is John

    1. I have been taking this product for 2 weeks. I have really bad breathing problems along with digestive problems. I use and take 3 atomizers where ever I go. one in the car, one in my pocket, and one in my purse. Taking this product along with Vasaka has done an amazing job on my breathing. I forgot to take my atomizer with me on my lunch hour and was about to panic and noticed how calm and deep I was breathing for the first time in a few years. What a big surprise and a joyful moment that was. I didn’t have to rush back upstairs to get my atomizer from my coat pocket. I just sat and enjoyed my hour lunch without a problem. No panic, no indigestion and no breathing problems.

        1. Just started looking at CBD supplements for my COPD in early third stage. Trying to reduce lung infections due to the steroids in my medications lowering the immune system. The scientific study’s are a little sketchy I blame on big Pharm. Looking for success story’s, dosage calculations, liquid versus powder ect. thank you and or anyone in advance for helping with my question….

        2. Hi Angela. I was wondering if you tried this oil for your Ast hma and if so how well it works? I grew up having Asthma but the last few months I’ve been having really bad attacks one after the other. Thank you.

  6. I work for the federal government and am concerned it may cause me to fail our random drug test. I’ve contacted my boss, we went to our medical to see if it would. They didn’t have an answer for me yet, they have done some searching online but haven’t found anything conclusive yet. I really want to try this but don’t want to lose my job over it. MS for 15 years… thanks, Rodney

    1. We had this product tested by a 3rd party lab. You can find the results above. This product and one other on this site have 0 THC. You should be fine if you stick with a product that tests at 0 THC.

  7. Have heard and read good things about this product. Am hoping it will greatly help me with joint pain (arthritis), COPD and High Blood Pressure.

  8. I have severe pain in many joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments from Cipro toxicity for over three years now. I tried to avoid pain meds for a few years, but finally succumbed to taking hydrocodone as my quality of life diminished greatly. I received your booklet in the mail and after doing a lot of research, decided to give CBD a try. I have been on it for four days now, and from day one, stopped needing the Narco! My pain has improved 80%! I am thrilled, amazed and ever so grateful. I just hope that it continues. Thank you for the work that you do and for educating the public. My husband has Parkinson’s and we are thinking of having him try it as well. We are using the hemp oil from hemplandusa. It is very palatable. I use a droperful twice a day and it really does an amazing job at pain relief. Kudos to you!

    1. That is great news! We are glad you found a product that is right for you and your needs. Good luck to you and your husband.

    1. Never thought about putting it in my ear. Is that what you mean? Now you have me thinking. I’ll look into this. New to me.

      1. I also have tinnitus, hoping that CBD by Hemplandusa will help by ingesting, if not please find out if putting in the ear would help. Desperate. Using 250mg so far.

    2. Hi April,
      I started CBD about 4 days ago or so for mainly the hemiplegic migraine there are a few other things that I deal with daily one being tinnitus. I have lived with the tinnitus so long I can only appreciate the days that my ears aren’t ringing! I can say that the CBD oil has helped with the tinnitus. I hope it helps with yours also.

      1. Still want to know if Sharon is putting the CBD in the ear or ingesting it and what dose, I always have the ringing, using 250mg no help yet. Louise Carver

        1. Hi this is in response to the tinnitus questions, my rheumatologist just recommended this product to me last week, I am a novice natural medicine practitioner focusing on herbs and diet, I actually dont know how this product eluded me for so long. He is one of many of my mainstream doctors who basically monitor some of my issues, to many to go into, but am extremely limited in using pharmaceuticals. I have had 3 ear surgeries in 3 years due to chronic ear and sinus infections, the next step is removal of all the inner ear bones basically leaving a cavity I would have to clean out. So to say the least the tinnitus is to the point it actually drives me insane. There is research now showing tinnitus actually in many cases doesnt come from the ear but it may be a symptom of a malfunction of the synopsis of the brain cells and even people who have had their auditory nerve cut still have the noise. After a lot of research found a recipe for a formula using essential oils that help the noise, I would post the recipe but would need authorization from the mods. But my suggestion for using the CBD oil when using it for other illnesses, put a small drop on your fingertip run a line from top to bottom in front of your ear, and a second line behind the ear again from top to bottom. Behind the ear there is a natural groove that your finger will fall into at the bottom and continue in that groove down your neck so the oil is applied topically. It wont take very much you can use it after you take your dose then the leftover in the dropper should be plenty. Once the oil is in place going from top to bottom gently massage it going in very small circles both front and back a couple times each. This is how the essential oil formula is applied, you DO NOT put it into the ear itself, it can absorb thru the ear drum and injure the hairs in the bones of the inner ear. You may need to do this more times a day than just say taking your standard twice a day dose. If you do, again just use the smallest amount and you will taste it within a few minutes. If you use the flavored oil and it stings, before you start put a little olive or other oil in a spoon and dip your finger with the CBD oil on it in the olive oil before you apply it, this will dilute it but wont effect the actions of it by much. The oils, even the peppermint flavored one can be used topically such as a drop on the knee or elbow, the peppermint will help relieve the pain. Hope this helps!

          Now for my question, I have found the CBD oil in paste, plain oil and flavored oils, since I need to stay as natural as possible and try to stay organic, is the straight oil the purest form? I have found the flavored oil is much less pricey but am assuming that is due to the cheep additives they use for flavor and sweetener. So eliminating those that leaves the pure oil and paste, is one better over the other?

          1. Thanks for the tinnitus tips!

            We prefer the oils over pastes. The pastes are simply too concentrated, making it way too easy to take way too much. This is the best tasting oil I have tasted. Very light.

    3. I am using 500 2x a day ! but my tinnitus has not changed by ingesting. Too bad. I do believe that it has lowered my blood pressure

    1. Nothing synthetic about it and no it is not marijuana/weed. All the products on this site are made from hemp. Both hemp and marijuana are cannabis. You call cannabis “Hemp” when it has less that 3% THC. You call cannabis “marijuana” when it has more than 3% THC. You can thank your government for all the confusion.

  9. I am having a lot of back pain and arthritis in the facet joints. Which one do you recommend I start with? 250mg or 500mg?

    1. I would start with the 500 using a half dose. If you need more, take a whole dose. Good luck. Come back and let us know what worked for you.

  10. I have had arthritis in my spine for almost 40 years and have serious pain. I don’t know if this is a reasonable question, but in your reviews there is a guy named John who had broken his back and had serious pain. He wrote you 10 months ago that he was trying this product and said he would let you know how it works. I was hoping to hear from another chronic pain sufferer to see how it worked before I purchased some . Did he ever responsed back ?

  11. My name is Norman desselles and I was led to believe that you make a 2500 hemp oil and two things 1 I have neuropathy in my feet from diabetes and I’m wondering if this will help according to your book it helps with diabetes and neuropathy I’m not sure if it cures it that’s the impression I got but would like more clarification on that and the cost on the 2500 oil and the cost for 6 bottles some friends of mine have the same condition and we’re all hurting real bad and we need help and please be honest with us will this stuff help us I’m on oxycontin hydrocodone and Lyrica to name a few and I’d like to get off this crap so please advise.

    1. I can not speak to your specific ailments. However, HempLand USA offers a 100% money back guarantee on all its products! Give it a go and let us know how it worked for you. Good luck.

    2. I am a chronic pain sufferer as well, it will help with stiffness and some pain, it is not a cure all, I have not been on a really high doses either tho so maybe if you took a higher dose you must get better results , I 100% know it works for pain and inflammation as well as anxiety and alziemers and dementia , it will of course depend upon the brand you purchase and the dose you use…..I use the entourage vape brand products I know the work , I have used another kind of oil and could not tell I was using it at all and it was higher MG than the entourage products I use. I hope this helps you.

    3. Hey sweetie I read your questions. …I think you would be wise to try this….and you may have by now. ..
      what have you got to lose. My husband and I are going to try it….God bless you and your friends

    1. Not sure what a G Tube is. If it is a vaping instrument then no. These products are not intended for vaping

      1. I worked in the medical field for 10 years before blowing out my L4, L5, S1 discs(had to have fusion surgery, which locked em all together but did NOT help me, I have been disabled ever since) – a G-tube is a medical device which basically consists of a rubber tube that goes straight into the stomach, bypassing the esophagus, usually because of swallowing problems which cause aspiration of foods/fluids into the airways. Liquid meal replacements & water are poured directly into the tube via a large syringe, enabling the patient to receive nutrition, medications, etc. I AM NOT A DOCTOR AND THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE but in my opinion, giving CBD oil thru the G-tube would be fine, although the absorption might not be as effective as sub-lingual(under the tongue) administration due to the stomach acid. One would just have to try it and see as far as the dosage being the same or if adjustments are needed.

        **By the way, I just started using CBD YESTERDAY and it actually helps with my back pain! I was ecstatic as my quality of life has taken a serious downturn after my back surgeries. Hooray!!!

        1. What dose are you using? My husband has had L5/S1 diskectomy right and left and fussion and a neurostimulator placed for pain management with little alleviation.

    2. I would say it would…my youngest daughter has been added all her life …she’s now 26…super anxiety. …but she smokes marijuana now….when I first found out she was doing that I got really upset with her. ..I never liked that people smoked Marijuana. ..but my husband told me to pay attention to her…and keep my mouth shut…she was doing It for the anxiety. …I had to get educated on Marijuana. I think they need to make it legal. it does many good things for many people…so I think the CBD oil could be good for what you’re asking. ..I’m interested in ordering some myself. ..I don’t like meds..I like herbs….natural stuff…

      1. I have asthma also and have read that cbd oil will cure it … I have a diffuser for my young living Essential oils that work as good as albuterol without making me shake to control and get rid of an asthma attack… a diffuser works great with oils..

  12. Has anyone used hemp oil to lower IOP (Eye Pressure for glaucoma)? What strength and how often? I have been using it orally, in coconut oil, 15.1 o,.5 mil once daily. Pressure has not come down noticeably so should I increase the amount and by how much?

    1. The Federal government had 15 medical marijuana patients for many years and the first one was for glaucoma I feel sure there is some research somewhere you could locate on how much to use but you are definitely on the right track!!!!!!



  13. This is more of a question, I have chronic back pain and arthritis, currently I have reduced my intake of methadone to 20 mgs per day, my pain mgt Dr. Wants to get me a little lower and switch to another long acting narcotic. I really want off all men’s for pain will this oil alleviate most of the withdrawals?

    1. Any of the product on this site should help with your back pain and arthritis. Unfortunately, I can’t speak to CBD’s effectiveness against withdrawals. I will say, this company offers a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not sure it will work for you and your needs, give it a try! If you do, come back and let us know how it worked for you.

      Good luck

    1. It is worth a try. This company offers a 45 day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for your wife you can always get your money back.

      I hope it helps!

    1. This company offers a 100% money back guarantee on all its products. You have nothing to loose by trying it for yourself.

      Come back and let us know how it works for your wife. Best of luck.

  14. I am not sure what strength I need. I have MS with terrible pain, Osteo, Migraines, fatigue, nausea/poor appetite. I also have a Severe Panic d/o with Anxiety, PTSD..

    1. You can find a link to the company that makes the product at the top of the page. You can buy the product from them.

      Donations help us spread the word about CBD! We do not sell any products here.

  15. really need to try this because I have Chronic rheumatoid arthritis that is spreading in crippling me fast and COPD hoping that this will work for me

  16. QUESTION: I have a Jpeg and am unable to take food or drink by mouth. The little flap that is supposed to close over my trachea doesn’t close all the way so anything I take by mouth, some goes down my esophagus and some goes down my trachea. That can cause aspiration pneumonia which is often fatal. I don’t risk it and every thing goes down my tube. 1. Is this still effective if it goes directly into my stomach? 2. Is there any chance this would solve my swallow problem?


    1. I can’t speak to weather or not it will help with your swallowing problem but I do have a suggestion.

      Try applying 4 to 6 drops of CBD oil to either the backs of your hands and the inside of your forearms or the tops and bottoms of your feet. You skin is very thin in these areas allowing the CBD to enter your blood stream. I find this method to be more intense and faster acting then taking it orally. This is a good product for that application. Give it a try and let us know if that helped for your needs.

      Good luck

      1. You can also use copaiba essential oil or DMSO to make sure it gets into your body .. both will take the substance that is applied first in… make sure that wherebu put it is clean and free of anything that will harm you

  17. Dear Administrator,
    Thank you for your comments. I require CBD for all members of my family for a range of health reasons. What I’m not entirely clear about is what the difference is between CBD 1 and CBD 2. Is there a relevant difference and which one for let’s say: ASD, anxiety, depression, ADHD should I order or does it not make a difference which one I order?

    1. CB1 and CB2 refer to two different cannabinoid receptors you have in your body. CBD is a cannabinoid that interacts with those two receptors. Which ever product you chose will be good for your entire family.

  18. Thinking about trying this to lower blood pressure. What is the daily dosage and how long before I start noticing results???

    1. I would take this product as recommended. You may be able to notice some relief the first day you take it. At the same time, CBD does build up in your system and may take longer to start seeing results. This product has a 45-day money back guarantee. If you don’t feel anything by then, you should send it back.

  19. I am new to this, have pain in joint every day. I still work at age 86 and want to continue until I drop. I have a mild heart condition, refuse to take big pharma’s drugs as they make me feel bad and slowed down. What directions can I get to know I am taking the right . the right amount. I have an occasional drink beer or wine. with dinner. does this have an effect ?

    1. I love your outlook and share your contempt for BIG pharma. I am sure you will find relief in taking this product as directed. But, this company also makes a great topical CBD called Cannabiderm (it’s like icy-hot with CBD). It is great for sore muscles and joints.

  20. Hi, Maybe you can help me with information on the use of your oil on cats. I had 4, my male cat passed away 3 months ago, the youngest of the females 16 passed away last week and my other two beautiful ladies both diagnosed with the same cancer (mammary) they are 17 and 18 years old…. I have read this oil is working wonders on cats but I can’t seem to find the dosage and my vet is nos naturopathic or homeopathic…. Could you help me out with this? Want to take my kitties off opioide pain killers…. Hope someone Can help.
    Thank you!

    1. I recommend to people with dogs that they apply 3 to 6 drops to their belly and rub it in (the dog’s belly). The CBD will soak through the thin skin on their bellies, if they don’t lick it off first (which is just as good!). But cats are pretty fuzzy. I would say a couple drops on the front paws. They would surly lick it off but I would be afraid they might walk of and get it all over the place. Maybe a couple drops on a scoop of tuna? Not sure how well the peppermint flavor will go over. Anyone else have any ideas?

  21. Question: is CBD oil safe for pets? I have an old dog who suffers from arthritis. The stuff the vet recommends upsets his stomach. Which product would be best for him and what would the dosage be? He weighs 65 lbs. and has no other health problems.

    1. Absolutely! This is a great product for pets. I would suggest putting a few (3-6) drops on your dogs tummy and then rub it in. The CBD will enter your dogs blood stream transdermally (through the skin), that is, if he doesn’t lick it all off himself (which is just as good)! This is good for doggies with naked bellies. Let us know how this works for your little guy!

  22. I have Parkinson’s Disease. A first time buyer of cannabinoid, the reason for the one bottle only order.

    1. Am curious to see if you’re seeing any change in your Parkinson’s symptoms after taking the CBD oil? My mother has Parkinson’s and am considering having her try it for her rigidity issues. Thank you.

  23. I am interested in learning more about CBD.I received an informative booklet in the mail but was wondering how many drops to take and when etc etc.Also if it was compatible with prescription drugs?? My main interest lies with my arthritic kneee and if it would help ward off a knee replacement?? I also take norvasc for high BP.I will refrain from ordering until I receive a reply.Sounds very interesting!! Thank you P Stevens

    1. I don’t know how this product will interact with your current medication but it works great for both of your conditions! This company makes a great topical for pain and arthritic joints (Cannabiderm). It is like an icy-hot but with CBD! You may want to try both. This company offers a 45-day money back guarantee! Use it all up. If it doesn’t work for you, you can send it back for a full refund. Good luck! Let us know what you decide to do and what works for you.

    1. This product is 0 THC but it only has a touch of peppermint (very light taste). You could always add more peppermint to suit your needs.

  24. My mother was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer and has been taking narcotics for the chronic pain. One of the side effects is severe constipation and I have recently ordered the Hemp Oil drops in hopes that her pain will minimize and obviously not have any more constipation. Can not wait to see if it works!

  25. My son has been battling absence seizures since the age of 7 4 years ago he developed grand mal seizure we’ve been seeing a neurologist and they keep sending him all different type of medication everyone tells me how about the CBD he is 17 years old and I’m willing to try the oil on him my only concern is what milligram should I use on him like I said he’s 17 years old weighing about 140 pounds please help I hope this can be a solution for his absent and grand mal seizure thank you

    1. I would try taking this product as recommended. This is not a high dose but a good starting dose for someone like your son. If he is having a grand mal seizure, you can apply this product to the tops and bottoms of his feet or the backs of his hands. Good luck to you and your son.

  26. The first time I ordered 500mg CBD from you the color was amber. I then ordered 6 bottles at the discount and just received them today and the color was green. I would like to return this shipment at your expence. I am very disappointed. I had to go out and buy a bottle someplace else because I no longer trust your product because of the color difference, you advertise clear amber color.

    1. We do not sell any products. If you wish to return your order you will need to contact HempLand directly. They offer a 100% money back guarantee. Before you do, here is my 2 cents on the subject. First and foremost, living hemp is green! If dried improperly it becomes brown. If your hemp oil is getting greener, that sounds like a change in the right direction. How does your oil compare to the picture at the top of this page?

  27. I want to order 6 bottles of your CBD. My wife has Alzheimer’s disease and I want to know the best dosage for her. We have been married 61 years and I simply can’t lose her. I’m her 24/7 caregiver and it has taken a severe toll on me. Perhaps I could take a mild dose? I’d appreciate an expeditious reply as she is slipping fast.

    1. We do not sell any product here. If you wish to make a purchase please contact HempLand directly by phone: 1-800-882-0565 or visit their website:

      We think both you and your wife will find the 250 or 500 option to be very beneficial.

  28. This is a questions. My husband had major back surgery almost 8 months ago. He had a 3 level fusion. Ever since then he suffers from back pain and nerve pain that goes all the way down to his toes. They just did an MRI to see if there was any reason for the continued pain but the MRI came back that everything is normal. Do you think this CBD oil could help with all of his pain. He takes Norco but is still in pain, it barley takes the pain away. He tried Oxycodone 5mg and all that did was make him sick, it didn’t even touch his pain, in fact the pain was worse. He takes a nerve pill that that doesn’t help. He just wants relief, he doesn’t want to take all these pills that don’t even work. Thank you for your input!!

    1. You should have your husband try this product. If it does not work for him, you can send it back for a full refund. We hope you and your husband find some relief.

  29. If 500mg is a “standard dose” like I saw was stated in one of the comments… you would need to drink a whole bottle of any of these products (since they are all 500mg bottles) just to get 1 dose. What am I missing here that can’t be right? Thanks

    1. 500 is a reference to the total amount of CBD within this product (500mg). The comment you are refereeing to says they started out with a 250 bottle (250mg total CBD) and are now using the 500 bottle (double the CBD per dose). Both the 250 bottle and the 500 bottle have 30 doses each (8mg and 16mg of CBD per dose).

    1. All of the products on this website can be purchased directly from their respective manufacturer both over the phone or online. All of the products on this site are made from hemp, not marijuana. You do not need a medical marijuana recommendation or ID to purchase these products.

    1. This product will not get you high! But I do believe it will help with your back pain. Give it a try and let us know how it worked for you.

  30. Iam aged 66 years. Iam having ear nerve problem of tinnitis, constantly producing a sharp ringing sound within my ears. Whenever some high decibel sounds occur in my surroundings I also feel ear-nerve pain temporarily with tight jaw muscles and compressed nerves on my face. At present , i am taking capsules containing omega fatty acids capsules as food nutrition supplement.

    I will be thankful to you if you can guide me to know the positive effects of CBD and related medicines.

    1. There has been a lot of talk about tinnitus on this site but I have not seen any articles or findings on this matter. I do believe CBD oil will help with the pain you are feeling. Not sure if it will lessen your condition.

  31. I have a plate an screws infused in my lower back from surgery in 2004 which didn’t work so I have been taking pills since then an I also have osteoarthritis an Ruemtoid arthritis so I would like to try this. Also I am in my early 60so would that make a difference?

    1. It is worth a shot! This company offers a 100% money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, send it back!

    1. I ordered recently and it did take longer than usual. When I called to check on my order they apologized and said they went a week or two without product, and were now playing catch-up. I asked if they had ever been without product like that before. They said no, and it was only because they were switching to a larger manufacturing facility and the transition took longer than expected. They assured me that it was simply a growth transition and all was back to normal. I’m sure you will get your order soon.

  32. I have daily chronic migraines. Would HempLand USA’s Cannabitol 500mg be a good product to prevent the migraines? If yes, can you recommend a starting daily dose what would be the time frame to see any results?

    1. This is a great product to start with. The recommended dosage is a great place to start. You may feel some relief immediately! Keep in mind, CBD will build up in your system as you take it. The relief you feel should get better over time.

    1. This product has 30 doses and they suggest taking it 1 to 2 times daily. I use this product and take a 1/2 dose 2 to 4 times a day (1 to 2 doses total per day). If you buy 6 bottles you get 40% off plus free shipping.

  33. My wife has 2 tumors in her brain what wold be the best cbd dosage for her she is on cemo pills they make her brake out she is wanting to get off it

  34. I’m just getting started on this CBD oil journey and hopefully this isn’t the dumbest question you’ve had …I just purchased this HempLand USA oil, the very one reviewed here, and no where on the packaging is CBD mentioned, just hemp oil. I’ve read that there’s a difference between the two. In your experience, is this normal for a company just to mention the hemp oil and not the CBD on their bottles? Thanks!

    1. This product has everything you are looking for! We had all of the products on this site independently tested for CBD and all passed with flying colors!!! Now, here is the hiccup, CBD is found in both hemp and marijuana. It’s not up to the banks or credit card processors to decided if the CBD being sold is from hemp or marijuana. So, as far as they are concerned all CBD is marijuana and if your product says CBD on it you have no way of processing payments. Come back and let us know how this product worked for you!

  35. What is the strongest oil I can purchase? I have severe fibromyalgia among other issues and have had to take Fentynal for pain. I am on the 100 mcg/hr. Thanks for help.

  36. I have been using.CBD250 mg twice daily for the last 6 months and I have nver felt better! I am gradually weaning myself of my prescription main medicines.for my osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and spinal stenosis .

    I have give given my booklet, I Want My CBD, to a friend, so please send me another .one ASAP!

    May God blee you in all yiour endeavors!

  37. Unfortunately, I ordered a CBD product from an internet ad (which utilized Dr. Gupta’s video which I thought gave the ad validity), but after reading in your “I Want My CBD!” booklet and your comments that too many companies are jumping on the bandwagon with resulting inconsistent products and some people even getting sick, I am concerned enough that I do not want to take their product. It is called “PURE CBD TINCTURE 100 mg” in a 1 oz. bottle with a serving size of 15 drops. The labeling says the product is “distributed” by Pure CBD on Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas. Could this mean they are importing product from Europe and hence, its purity is uncontrolled and unknown??? I would appreciate your response – have you heard of this company?

    1. I get spam advertisements in my email from PURE CBD about 5 times a day. I can not get them to stop. Bad business practices. I can not speak to their product (i would never buy them).

    1. We do not make or sell any products here. You can find a link to the manufacturer at the top of this page. You can place an order there.

  38. It just arrived, so I wanted to ask a dosage question. Is that 1ml “one full dropper” the half that the stopper actually pulls into itself or actually two, it would seem, to actually fill the entirety of the tube? Sorry, if this is a repeat, but I don’t believe I saw this, when I read through comments on the day I ordered, but I need to assess this carefully, both because I am going to scale over a few weeks to see what impacts I note on myself, but also because I’m giving it to my dog based on treats we’ve worked with with some success.

    I’d also like to offer an initial light criticism, if representatives of the company read your blog, that they really should have some delivery information somewhere in their process in these days of instant delivery, tracking numbers, and porch thieves.

    1. I believe I just answered my question. Ah, the google. That half tube is actually the whole recommended daily dose. I’m underway. I’ll come back to do a genuine review in a few weeks, particularly if I can get my 78 year old mother to actually stick with it long enough to see how it could impact her with much more prominent issues to work on.

    1. We do not sell any of the products on this site. You can find a link to this products manufacturer at the top of this page, where you may order online. Not too many places where you can go to try CBD, unfortunately.

    1. We don’t sell or ship anything here! You can find a BUY link at the top of this page where you can make a purchase directly from the manufacture. YES! They will ship to the Mississip!!!!

  39. Hi. I have celiac disease, CRPS (aka rds) and have trauma /anxiety issues, and recovering from ligament damage in my neck from being reat ended. I used a cbd tincture, salve, and lotion last year by “CBD American Shaman”. I didn’t get any pain, anxiety, or depression relief. I have read so many great reviews and want to try again but want to try to ensure I try the best product available. I have Celiac Disease so it has to say gluten free, not just presume. I prefer plain, less additives the better in my opinion. Any advise on which one offers what I need?

    1. This company’s tincture is all hemp oil with a touch of peppermint. That being said, they have a great topical that I swear by. It is like a Ben-Gay with CBD. It’s great on the neck, shoulders and lower back. Cannabiderm 250.

  40. I love this CBD. Oil but I’m 66 on SSI. And can’t afford these prices. Hopefully prices will go down soon. Thank you for such a great product …… maybe for the elderly on a limited income or over 65. Could get affordable pricing Thanks again ❤️

  41. Where is calibration of Dropper to help estimation of variable dosing ?? Calculating this from Bottle total of 500 mg VS 750 mg is variable, but dropper diameter would be constant for each batch. Thanks for this help! GWM

    1. This company uses a 1ml dose for all of its tinctures. The calibration is in the bubble of the dropper. One squeeze should pull up 1ml. I wish all these companies had markings on the glass part of the dropper… 1/4, 1/2 and full. For variable dosing, like I think you are suggesting.

    1. You can find a Buy button at the top of this page. It will take you to the manufacturers website, where you can place an order.

  42. Do you cbd oil for my dog? I have a pitbull she’s almost 2 years old. I wanna keep her for a long time and healthy. Can I give her the same on 500? Or diff products ? Thanks 🙂

  43. My mother has rheumatoid arthritis and is currently on humira is this product safe to be used with or a supplement to replace her humira treatment? She’s in a lot of pain from inflammation. I have already bought her this product any help would be much appreciated on this issue. Thank you

    1. This is a great product for your mothers ailments. However, I can’t speak to its interaction with her current treatment. This company offers a wonderful topical product called Cannabiderm. It is great for arthritis.

    2. My friend had rheumatoid arthritis for years. After researching it, got food allergy test and got off all the foods she was allergic to and now she is 100% better. She was on all kinds of meds for it and it didn’t help. She had to pay for food allergy test herself as insurance won’t pay. So you may have food allergies causing RA. Good luck.

  44. I am a combat veteran with PTSD. Im tired of all the meds that I take and I want something that works the best without any side effects. I do not have a medical Marijuana card. What do you recommend?

  45. I live in Alabama. Is this legal for me to order? I’m not epileptic but have chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and neuropathy.

  46. I have a 15 yo dog who takes her treats which include CBD in them. She is a new girl, happy, able to climb the stairs with ease, chasing the kiddos on their bikes again. My 88 yo grandmother has seen the change in our dog, and now wants to try them. She suffers from most things an 88 yo would, arthritis, fibromyalgia, pain from lack of movement. She weights approx. 190, what do you recommend her daily dose would be, and one time daily or am and pm?

  47. Hi,
    I browsed through all the questions and didn’t see anything about depression, anxiety. Do you think that this oil would help with anxiety and depression symptoms and night sweats? Has anyone that’s tried this seen improvements in mood/temperament? If so, what dosage would you recommend and is it just placed under the tongue from the dropper? Appreciate the help and your time!

  48. Hello, I suffer with accute insomnia, seizures, chronic pain due to numerous back surgeries, shoulders replaced, and constricting arthritis plus depression.
    I am given poisonous pharmacuticals for each malady…I would be so grateful to be rid of these medications and take CBD oil for all. I’m a senior citizen with a very low fixed income. I am unable to afford $100/mo. The 6 bottle bulk is extremely out of my league! Is there possibly another, less expensive, product that would be suitable for my needs? Your input would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    Patricia Buck
    Clearfield, Utah

  49. I really would like to try it. But the prices are so high and you have to buy so many bottled to make any kind of a discount.

    1. Sorry Kathy, We do not sell any products here. You can find a link to HempLand at the top of the page. I know they make a 750 soft gel but I don’t think I have seen a 250.

  50. Got your book and have tried your Hemp Oil 500mg and loved it. Now I have a 20.00 coupon from my order that you sent me with the hemp bottle. I told a lot of people about it. My daughter who is 40yrs old wants to try it. So I thought it would be a good birthday gift. So I would like to order 2 bottles 1-250mg and 1-500mg. Plus I have a $20.00 dollar coupon you had sent me with my purchase.

  51. I am a pain patient and in addition to an internal medication pump I have to take gobs of pain medication, muscle relaxes(3 different kinds), anxiety meds and sleeping meds and relief is still far in between. I hate taking meds and just want something that is a little more safe. I truly am wanting a quality of life. I have be hurt since 1981 and have had more than a dozen major surgeries. Just to know what is what would help because the market has been blanketed with these products.

    1. Julia, if I were in your shoes I would try absolutely everything! This is a great product and the company offers a 100% money back guarantee. Give it a try.

  52. Wonderful to hear how well CBD works on dogs, & cats., as so many prescribed drugs can ruin their kidneys eventually. Is there currently any studies out here on large animal use……like horses, donkey’s etc? Thanks!

  53. Is there any reviews by customers for Hemp Land USA? I purchased 6 bottles of 500 and have not received delivery. I was not sent a confirmation email. This does not seem like an honest company. Where are testimonials from people who have purchased from this company?

  54. I have been reading most of the comme ts and questions and maybe I missed something somewhere, but I am truly wanting to know how these products work for severe anxiety. What dosage should be taken and how often?…I am so not sure what is considered a dosage. Drops or dropperful? How full is full? Don’t mean to sound so ignorant, I am just so confused…

    1. These products should be used as directed. At least, that is were you should start off. You can always adjust up or down to suit your needs. As for the dropper, the measurement is in the little nipple you squeeze. The nipple itself should be 1 ml. If you pinch it flat and let it do the rest, you should have 1 ml. That may fill up the entire dropper or it may only fill up one third. Trust your nipple, not the dropper.

  55. My daughter has migraines. I have heard that CBD oil works to stop migraines. Do you know anything about CBD oil and migrianes

  56. My wife, Ruth, was diagnosed with LBD in early 2014. When I discovered your CBD, I asked her neurologist if it would do her harm: he said “no it would not.” I took a dose of 500 for 10 nights with no adverse side effects, however, I did sleep very well. I started her on a dose at bedtime and another before lunch in early April 2017. She is more cognitive and alert. Should I stay with this regimen&

    1. There a lot of people that take this just so they can sleep! If you are seeing results, I say “stick with it!” You and your wife. Good luck to you both.

  57. I have been diagnosed with liver disease. Non Alcoholic Cirrhosis. I am wondering if this product will help with this disease? Have there been studies done on the effects of liver disease and CBD oil? I have never smoked pot before so a little concerned about this product… but very open to alternative meds! Thanks!

  58. I do not have diabetes but I have been clinically diagnosed of having neuropathy in my feet. If I use the CBD is it recommended to rub it on my feet or to take orally? Which strength is recommended and how much do I use?

    1. The CBD in the oil is absorbed through your skin transdermally, weather you rub it on your feet or put it under your tong. I prefer it on my feet, but I don’t always have my shoes of (wink). You should try both ways to see what’s best for you.

  59. Would like to try the 250 mg CBD before ordering the stronger 500mg. I suffer with very severe glaucoma, miagraines and other problems. My husband is disabled and has just gone through a double massive stroke with a fib. He has back disc degenerative disease, arthritis and other problems. We are both on a fixed income and we are older than 65 yrs.

    1. Hello Ray, we do not sell any products here. At the top of this page you will find a link to the company that makes this product. We always recommend purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

  60. The front label sez 500mg. The supplemental label on the back sez 900 mg of hemp oil and your evaluation sez 759.2 mg. To determine cost per Mg, Which is it???

    1. 500mg refers to the total amount of CBD in the bottle. The lab test we had don shows that it actually has 759mg CBD. On the back where it says 900mg, that refers to the amount of hemp seed oil per 1 serving.

  61. I live with continuous spinal pain, & headaches , & have had 4 low back, & 1 cervical fusion. My question, is do you have any CBD products that are THC free? I am a pt . with Regional’s Pain Clinic, which requires drug testing. If the test returns with anything but negative, we are eliminated from their program. It takes months to get in for nerve blocks, etc. I want so very much to be able to use your products! In fact, I did purchase an order for a very dear friend. She is so grateful for the wonderful relief of her pain. I have another ? So many ads will say their content is that of 10mg. I don’t understand how it can do anything at all. Thank you so much for all you do to better this earth !

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