TBI Traumatic Brain Injury Research and CBD (Cannabidiol)

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    The Endocannabinoid System: The Secret To Balanced Health? “I would like to probably push ahead and tell people: Here we have a group of compounds… an endogenous system of major importance… it is not being used as much as it should be in the clinic… it is of great promise in the clinic… let’s try to push it forward.” –... Continue

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TBI Traumatic Brain Injury Research Continued

Cannabidiol CBD: TBI Traumatic Brain Injury

Conditions that Respond to Cannabidiol

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CBD Product Reviews and Lab Tests


Cannabitol 500mg

HempLand USA



  • Total CBD:759mg
  • Doses:30/1ml
  • CBD Per Dose:23.7mg

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Charlotte's Web 500mg

CW Botanicals



  • Total CBD:572mg
  • Doses:30/1ml
  • CBD Per Dose:19.2mg

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PLUS CBD Oil 500mg




  • Total CBD:607mg
  • Doses:30/2ml
  • CBD Per Dose:20.5mg

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Real Scientific Hemp Oil 500mg




  • Total CBD:543mg
  • Doses:30/2ml
  • CBD Per Dose:18.3mg

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