CW Everyday Advanced 5000 Oil

CW Everyday Advanced 5000

CW Hemp



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Cannabinoids Per Bottle

  • CBD:1878.0mg
  • THC:56.2mg
  • CBN:0.0mg
  • Total Cannabinoids:1934.2mg

Cannabinoids Per Dose (.5 ml)

  • CBD:31.61mg
  • CBDa:0.15mg
  • THC:0.95mg
  • THCa:0.00mg
  • CBN:0.00mg
  • Total Cannabinoids:32.71mg

Ingredients: MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil, Organic Chocolate Mint Flavor Oil (Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Natural and Organic Flavors).

CW Everyday Advanced 5000 Supplement Facts
CW Everyday Advanced 5000 Oil

CW Everyday Advanced 5000

100 Point CBD (Cannabidiol) Product Review

  • 96/100


    This was hard because I don’t like the chocolate and mint combination. Fortunately, the added flavoring was subtle and light, allowing the flavor of the pant to shine through. I arrived at this score after poling a few other people who either loved or didn’t hate it. This is a great product and if you like chocolate and mint, this is the way to go.

  • 90/100


    CW Everyday Advanced 5000 is made from high-CBD, USA grown hemp. The product is a little dark and there are flecks of what must be the chocolate flavoring, but otherwise this is a top notch product. We marked off a few points for manufacturing. The caps did not screw on properly allowing a large portion of the oil to leak out while in a purse. The product did not have a child proof cap either.

  • 93/100


    CW Everyday Advanced 5000 is CW Hemp’s highest priced and most potent product. If you need a high dose of CBD this is a great option. CW Hemp offers a 20% discount on their Everyday and Everyday Plus products, but not this one. There are a few cheaper products out there, but none of this quality.

  • 93/100

    Overall Rating

    CW Hemp is definitely one of the best all-around products out there. We don’t love the flavor but their products are packed full of CBD made from USA-grown hemp. We wish they offered a discount for this product but it is fairly priced regardless. Great product.

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