Natural CBD Products for Dogs and Pets

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CBD Oils and Tinctures for Pets

Most CBD oils are just that: Beneficial CBD oils without the THC. And they typically come from hemp plants. So Fido won’t get “high” from CBD oil; he’ll feel relaxation without intoxication! CBD may also help with his anxiety, hot spots and the inflammation from arthritis. CBD has been proven to be beneficial for your dogs and pets in proper doses.

CBD companies that feature their latest and greatest CBD products for dogs and cats rival some of the offerings for humans. You can find hemp supplement capsules with CBD, soothing liquids and oils, CBD topical ointments, and even CBD infused biscuits and treats available in a variety of exotic flavors.

One company offers pet lovers their choice of CBD biscuit flavors including blueberry, kale and carrot, coconut carob (a substitute for chocolate which is toxic for pets) or peanut butter banana… all for your pampered pooch!


For some pet owners, these products have been a brought good fortune because they help to alleviate pet nausea, itching, anxiety and inflammation – just as they potentially do for their human counterparts.

CBD Soothes Arthritis Inflammation  

CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound found in the cannabis sativa plant that is non-addictive and doesn’t get you (or your animals) high like THC. Over the last few years, it has gained immense popularity as a miracle drug that can be useful for treating a variety of different ailments.

People today use CBD to treat different neurological disorders and seizures, symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis like muscle spasms, chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis, and neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease – just to name a few.

Indeed, CBD has been shown to be effective in numerous preclinical studies involving rats and mice and also in several clinical studies involving human subjects. With all of this research pointing to its safety and efficacy, wouldn’t that mean that CBD medications would be equally as effective for pets?

The answer is yes!

There are presently no guidelines for dosage and weight, no guidelines on what strains of CBD are safe to use, and little information about any possible side effects or interactions with other medications. However, for dogs and cats, veterinarian-recommended hemp based supplements made by companies like Hempland USA are presently available.

Before you begin stocking up on cases of peanut butter-flavored CBD treats for Fido or Fluffy, are a few things to consider.

Beware: Inaccurate Cannabinoid Content

Marijuana toxicity is a major issue for pets. Due to a lack of transparency and regulation, the quality and consistency of CBD products on the market can vary considerably. But for dogs and cats, this would be a serious issue to consider – especially if the cannabinoid content in the product doesn’t match the product on the label.

THC – the main psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant – can cause mild symptoms like lethargy  in your pet but it can also cause severe symptoms. Dogs and cats that ingest marijuana (not CBD) erroneously can display hypothermia, hypotension, low heart rate, urinary incontinence and diarrhea. Sadly, coma and death for pets are also possible in more severe cases. It’s really important to know exactly what cannabinoids are in your pet product – and in what concentration.

When the FDA tested several CBD products for pets, they found that some included noticeable amounts of THC along with other cannabinoids not shown on the labels. Their lab results also found that some products contained very little CBD content, or CBD content than claimed on the label, or had no CBD at all! Now, that’s a rip off. Choose your CBD products wisely- for you and your whole furry family!


Natural CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

Be sure the content in your CBD pet products have been tested by a reputable third-party testing lab to ensure you’re getting exactly what you paid for.

CBD for pets may one day in the future prove useful for treating some of these conditions. Much like human CBD products, be aware of several other things when buying CBD products for your pet:

— Extraction methods can vary by product, so look for ones that use the leading method of safe extraction today: the supercritical CO2 method. This results in a safe, clean, top-quality extraction with a cleaner herbal, CBD taste.

— Labeling is also important for CBD products for your dog and other animals. The label should clearly show the manufacturer or distributor, a manufacturing date, batch number, serving size information, hemp oil content, CBD content, and other constituents including other cannabinoid content if any.

Although we firmly believe that cannabinoid-based products will revolutionize human as well as veterinary medicine, the science needs to catch up first. CBD Hemp Oil is safe and legal in all 50 states in the United States but it still pays to be cautious, do your research, and always consult your veterinarian before starting your beloved babes on any treats or treatments involving cannabinoids.

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